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Here is the list of general articles regarding vacuum cleaners. Here you can find explanations regarding not only specific types and/or configurations, but also general information that can help you in deciding which vacuum cleaner is the right for you.

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cordless vacuum replacing batteries 2mWhen used properly, small handheld cordless vacuums can last for a really long time, often as long as their batteries are good. When batteries die, it is very easy to replace dead batteries. Although small handheld cordless vacuums are relatively cheap, their batteries are often much cheaper.

floor scubbers mFloor scrubbers and polishers are rotary and orbital floor cleaning machines that clean or polish the floor using cleaning pad with or without cleaning agent or protective wax. Some models can be even used as rotary and orbital floor sanders, if appropriate pad is used.

vacuum cleaner battery type

Vacuum cleaner batteries are very important parts of every portable cordless vacuum cleaner. Even if you have vacuum cleaner with best characteristics on paper, but your battery pack is failing quickly, you will not be satisfied with your cordless vacuum cleaner as a whole.

best air purifier 1mPeople suffering various health related issues like allergies, asthma and similar, require good vacuum cleaners with proper, true HEPA grade, air filtration, but they can significantly benefit by using air purifiers - standalone devices that silently, but efficiently, clean air from small particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne pollutants.

dyson dc6 1mPeople having issues with asthma and allergies face the problem of cleaning their living quarters on regular basis of pollutants which decrease their quality of living and safely disposing the dirt and debris away.

vacuum cleaner bags 1mBagged vacuum cleaners store dirt and debris locally in dirt bags during cleaning. When buying such vacuum cleaner, original vacuum bag(s) are delivered with the device, but after some time, one has to buy new ones. There are many things to consider when buying vacuum bags, but first question is - generic or genuine vacuum bag?

vacuum for carpets 1mCarpets and rugs differ greatly in material, thickness, color quality, how they are made and many other details that influence the way they are cleaned and maintained.

Many homes have not only several types of floor surfaces, but also several types of carpets and rugs and keeping them clean can be difficult. But it shouldn't ...

oreck dry carpet cleaner mDry carpet cleaning involves the use of specialized compounds to clean carpets and other surfaces with no or almost no moisture. Such cleaning results in removal of dirt, stains, sand, grit, allergens, pollen and other particles from the cleaned surface.

bd fhv1200 1mVacuuming the cars can really be a problem - hard to reach surfaces, various types of surfaces and dirt, cleaning emergencies etc. represent different challenges for vacuum cleaner. In certain situations small cordless handheld vacuum cleaner will do the job fast and thoroughly, but in certain situations even large and powerful industrial drum vacuum cleaner will struggle to the job properly.

tile flooringKeeping tiles clean with suitable vacuum cleaner is an easy task to do, regardless of tiles you have - glazed ceramic tiles, unglazed ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles etc.

hardwood stairs 1mCleaning stairs can be daunting task, aggravated even more by number of hard to reach corners, edges, stairs' material, stairs' cover etc. Having right tool for the job makes this job much easier - a good stair vacuum cleaner.

best vacuum for hardwood floorsCleaning hardwood floors differs from cleaning other floor surfaces that can be found in homes. Most of the rotating brushes designed for cleaning carpets are not suitable for cleaning hardwood surfaces, since they can damage the wood finish or even wood itself.

best vacuum for pet hairPeople having pets often have issues with pet hair removal and cleaning of larger areas with different surfaces like hardwood, carpets, tiles and similar. Also, cleaning of furniture, upholstery and many other hard-to-reach places is very important in keeping the home - clean.

vacuum cleaner specsVacuum cleaner performances are essential for proper vacuum cleaning. Vacuum cleaner performances can be measured by various parameters.

best vacuum cleanerIt all depends on individual habits and preferences, but good vacuum cleaner should have disposable dust bag, one replaceable 'classic' mechanical filter, HEPA filter and scent container.

exhaust fitrationOperation of vacuum cleaners make dust particles, allergens, young and adult fleas, mites etc to become airborne.

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