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dyson-dc39-mHere are some of our vacuum cleaner reviews and recommendations regarding their types, exhaust filtration, applications, attachments etc.

Information given here are personal opinions and they can vary - what is good for someone, don't have to be good at all for somebody else. Therefore, please read these reviews and recommendations having in mind your own personal needs and preferences and find out which vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Note: After each review there is an affiliate link toward Amazon where one can read more reviews and recommendations and, if one wants, buy something. It is fair to say that when someone buys certain product, we get commision. That doesn't mean that we are not going to be honest in expressing our opinions. As said before after all, we are not the same and what we don't like, maybe somebody else will ...

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dirt devil sd20505 1mdirt devil sd20505 2mDirt Devil Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum Model SD20505, is inexpensive, lightweight and powerful stick vacuum cleaner optimized for hard floor cleanups. Thanks to the bagless design, cyclonic filtration and washable mechanical filter, this is also a low maintenance unit.

Date: August 19, 2017.

electrolux el3020a mElectrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio is lightweight, cordless, stick vacuum cleaner. It is ergonomically designed and easy to use, even by the elderly people. Thanks to the 25.2V lithium ion battery and intelligent charger, unit has good suction and respectable operating time.

Date: August 16, 2017.

shark nv42 1mShark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is very popular bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It comes with extra large transparent dirt bin, excellent suction, good air filtration and with very acceptable price tag. It is suitable as main vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments with various floor types.

Updated: August 14, 2017.

bissell zing bagged mBissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuums are very affordable corded canister vacuums. There are two very similar bagged models - model 4122 and the newer 1668 canister vacuum. They are compact and lightweight vacuums, suitable as the entry-level main vacuum cleaners in smaller homes and apartments.

Date: August 8, 2017.

dyson dc6dyson dc35Dyson DC35, Dyson DC44, Dyson DC59 and Dyson V6 vacuum cleaners are group of very similar handheld cordless vacuums in shape, size and operation. However, they differ in many, often little, but very important details.

Updated: August 3, 2017.

shark rocket hv380 hv381 hv382 mShark Rocket Complete with DuoClean vacuum cleaners come as HV380, HV381 and HV382 ultra-light upright, convertible vacuums. They are very similar and differ mostly in color and available attachments. Also, they are very similar to Shark Rocket HV320/HV321/HV322, except that they are stronger, slightly heavier, have newer and better cleaning tools and they, of course, cost little bit more.

Updated: July 31, 2017.

fuller brush electrostatic carpet sweeper mFuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is a simple and reliable manual bare floor and carpet sweeper. It comes with natural bristle rotor brush which creates an electrostatic charge that helps clean up pet hair, dust, salt, crumbs and other dirt, faster and more efficiently.

Date: July 26, 2017.

shark sv1112 mShark Rotator Freestyle Pro (SV1112) is cordless, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner. Due to lightweight and maneuverable design and cordless operation, it is suitable as main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments for regular cleaning and cleaning in emergencies. Two speed rotating brush and LED headlights help clean various dirt off bare floors and carpets.

Date: July 25, 2017.

rubbermaid carpet sweeper mRubbermaid FG421288BLA Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper is low-profile and lightweight bare floor and low-pile carpet manual sweeper. It is very affordable and durable unit with minimum maintenance, suitable for cleanings in emergencies and between cleaning with the main vacuum cleaner.

Date: July 24, 2017.

bissell 1650a 1mBissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum is corded, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner with additional extension hose. Bissell 1650A is optimized for cleaning pet hair from various surfaces, but it can easily handle all kinds of debris.

Updated: July 17, 2017.

bissell 2880a mBissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo Carpet Sweeper is motorized cordless carpet sweeper, suitable for fast cleaning of various dry messes and for regular in-between cleaning of bare floors and low-pile carpets. Unit is powered via 7.2V battery, providing up to 60 minutes of operation on a single battery charge.

Note: this is carpet/floor sweeper, not a vacuum cleaner.

Date: July 5, 2017.

dyson canister vacuums mDyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum is powerful and very versatile canister vacuum cleaner, very similar to Dyson Ball Multi Floor, Dyson Big Ball Musclehead and Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor vacuums. These vacuums share many features with very similar Dyson's upright vacuum cleaners, like Dyson Ball Multi Floor, Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Plus Allergy and similar.

Updated: June 30, 2017.

ontel swsmax cordless carpet sweeper 1mOnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel Sweeper captures various dirt and debris in the built-in tray, thanks to the four motorized rotating brushes. Swivel Sweeper Max carpet/floor sweeper has a flat, low-profile design, enabling it to clean a hard-to-reach areas, including corners, along the edges, under the furniture and similar.

Date: June 26, 2017.

dyson ball allergy w125Dyson Small Ball, Ball and Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuums are new generation of vacuum cleaners from Dyson. They are corded, bagless, upright vacuum cleaners, based on tested cyclone air-dirt separation technology. With so many features, options and additional cleaning tools, many people wonder which model is right for them.

Dyson upright vacuum cleaners also come in several version depending on the intended use and targeted customers: Multi Floor, Allergy, Animal, or Animal+Allergy.

Updated: June 24, 2017.

bissell 92n0a carpet sweeper mBISSELL 92N0A Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper is simple, mechanical-only sweeper suitable for cleaning carpets, hard floors and rugs. It comes with dual rotating brushes, each being optimized for different types of dirt, ensuring thorough cleaning without using power cords or onboard batteries.

Date: June 22, 2017.

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