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dyson-dc39-mHere are some of our vacuum cleaner reviews and recommendations regarding their types, exhaust filtration, applications, attachments etc.

Information given here are personal opinions and they can vary - what is good for someone, don't have to be good at all for somebody else. Therefore, please read these reviews and recommendations having in mind your own personal needs and preferences and find out which vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Note: After each review there is an affiliate link toward Amazon where one can read more reviews and recommendations and, if one wants, buy something. It is fair to say that when someone buys certain product, we get commision. That doesn't mean that we are not going to be honest in expressing our opinions. As said before after all, we are not the same and what we don't like, maybe somebody else will ...

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miele compact c1 mMiele Compact C1 PowerLine canister vacuums come in several, very similar models - Pure Suction, Turbo Team, and HomeCare. They are the new generation of Miele's classic, rather compact canister vacuums, with all major benefits of such vacuums at affordable price. At least for Miele's vacuums ...

Date: 22.05.2017.

eufy homevac cordless upright 1mEufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner is cordless stick vacuum cleaner with excellent lithium ion battery, good suction and air filtration and rotating brush bar for carpeted surfaces. And it comes at very affordable price.

Date: May 16, 2017.

eureka-hand-held-vac-71b-mEureka Hand-Held Vacuum 71B is small, but powerful vacuum cleaner. With two motors, one for vacuum suction, second for brush roll and with other product features, this handheld vacuum cleaner is great choice for anybody needing small and compact handheld vacuum cleaner.

Updated: May 5, 2017.

bissell spinwave 1mbissell spinwave 2mBissell 2039A SpinWave is hard floor mop designed for cleaning floors like tile, linoleum, vinyl flooring, sealed hardwood floors, laminate and similar, using a pair of rotating microfiber pads and a cleaning solution. It is ideal for everyday cleaning and for cleaning in emergency of various messes and spills.

Date: May 2, 2017.

karcher window vac powersqueegeeKärcher WV50 Window Vac is cordless, handheld windows vacuum cleaner. It is based on so-called PowerSqueegee Technology, combining double layered neoprene 'squeegee' blades with an onboard vacuum cleaner, powered by durable lithium ion battery.

Date: April 24, 2017.

eufy robovac 11 mEufy RoboVac 11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is small, but versatile robot vacuum cleaner, powered by strong and durable lithium ion battery and packed with many features, often found on more expensive robot vacuum cleaners.

Date: April 18, 2017.

elektrolux-B002L3ART8mElectrolux UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner (EL6984A) is canister vacuum cleaner with high efficiency motor and very low noise output - hence the name. It is very environment friendly with many options and features packed in relatively small package.

Updated: April 13, 2017.

hoover bh52210 cruise cordless mHoover BH52210 Cruise Cordless 22V Lithium Ion Lightweight Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is medium range convertible 2-in-1 cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner. It can be used as lightweight stick/upright vacuum cleaner or as powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. It comes with several cleaning tools, enabling it to be used as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments.

Date: April 4, 2017.

dyson v6 v7 v8 comparison mDyson V7 and V8 cordless vacuums are new cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson. Dyson V8 was first released in the UK and now it is being offered in the US, too. Dyson V7 and V8 follow design philosophy of Dyson V6, but they introduce few very important improvements.

Updated: March 30, 2017.

shark nv751 752 753 mShark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV751, NV752 and NV753 Vacuums are 3-in-1 vacuum cleaners: they can be used as classic and powerful upright vacuum cleaners, as Lift-Away Pod with Powered Brush Roll and as classic and convenient canister vacuum cleaner with Caddy. They are based on Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and equipped with washable HEPA filters and are available at very reasonable price.

Updated: March 29, 2017.

o cedar microfiber steam mop 1mO-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is well designed, lightweight and affordable steam mop. Due to its features and price, it is very popular steam mop. It doesn't have additional scrubbing system and it can operate only as a steam mop, not as both steam mop and steam vacuum, but it is simple to use, very simple to operate and it will help the user to keep the home clean.

Date: March 22, 2017.

miele complete c3 all m

Miele Complete C3 Canister Vacuums are group of corded canister vacuums that offer large radius of operation, good air filtration, variable speed motor, good suction and many attachments for thorough cleaning from floor to the ceiling. They are not the cheapest vacuums around, but they are made in Germany, they do their job properly and they come with nice warranty.

Updated: March 21, 2017.

eufy homevac duo mEufy HomeVac Duo (formerly known as the Anker HomeVac Duo) 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is affordable and versatile cordless, bagless stick and handheld vacuum cleaner. At the moment, it comes in two colors, white and black, but it still can be found in red color, branded as 'Anker'. This is very easy and simple to maintain unit, which comes with excellent lithium ion battery providing superb power fade-free operating time.

Updated: March 16, 2017.

bissell cleanview onepass 1330BISSELL CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology, 1330 model, is corded, bagless and rather affordable upright vacuum cleaner with additional hose and wand.

Bissell 1330 model is very similar to Bissell 9595 model, except it is newer with several improvements.

Date: March 13, 2017.

bissell 9595 1mBISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass is relatively lightweight upright vacuum cleaner featuring Bissell's OnePass Technology which combines a powerful suction and rotating brush, of a new, innovative design. It is very popular vacuum cleaner which costs under $100 and can be used as excellent main vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments.

Updated: March 13, 2017.

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