Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum is corded, bagless, canister vacuum cleaner, optimized for quick and easy vacuuming of bare floors. Thanks to two different floor cleaning nozzles and additional cleaning attachments, Bissell 1547 cleans not only bare floors, but also low-pile carpets, upholstery, stairs and other surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Date: November 02, 2017.

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Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum is a strong and maneuverable vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning of bare floors an easier task to do.

Bissell 1547 comes with two floor cleaning heads - the specialized hard floor turbine cleaning head is designed for cleaning of pet and human hair, dust, dirt and other debris, while being gentle to the floors and multi-floor cleaning head.

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The specialized hard floor turbine cleaning head combines rotating brush roll and strong suction to clean the floors. As the brush rotates, it helps pick off the floor debris that is stuck, even 'glued' to the floor, after which dirt is sucked into the vacuum by strong air flow.

Multi surface cleaning head is designed for vacuuming bare floors, area rugs and carpeted floors. To improve cleaning of various surfaces, it uses retractable brushes (which doesn't rotate), controlled via brush switch. Multi surface cleaning head is designed for sensitive bare floors and carpets and rugs.

Personally, it is 'gentler' than hard floor turbine head and it does very good job on bare floors and on low-pile carpets. On thicker carpets and rugs, its cleaning could be better.

bissell 1547 carpet nozzleThe metal telescoping wand extend the reach of the unit and allows the user to maneuver around and under beds, furniture, edges, along the baseboards etc. and to clean hard to reach surfaces from the floor to the ceiling, which would be hard to clean with, for example, classic upright vacuum cleaner.

Other cleaning tools include crevice tool and dusting brush.

Crevice tool is designed for cleaning tight and narrow spaces, for example between cushions and seats, but also various edges and corners.

Dusting brush is used for cleaning dust and other fine dirt from sensitive and elevated surfaces like bookshelves, keyboards, furniture etc.

Multi level air filtration is based on cyclonic technology combined with washable filters and it helps reduce household allergens. Air filtration is not true HEPA level, but it is good.

Multi-cyclonic technology enables good suction for longer period of time - until the dirt tank is almost full. Dirt tank is transparent, enabling the user to see type and amount of cleaned dirt. The dirt tank opens from the bottom for easy and mess-free dirt disposal.

Two mechanical filters - pre-motor and post-motor filters - are washable using cold water and mild detergent. After cleaning, both filters must dry thoroughly - never assemble the unit with wet filters or without filters.

Note: to get accustomed to the new unit, read the manual/instructions that come with the unit. Bissell 1547 is simple unit to operate, but nonetheless ...

Bissell 1547 Technical Specifications and Features

Bissell 1547 weighs only 9.3 pounds (~4.2 kg) with the most mass being the canister itself. Large rubber wheels are gentle and leave no marks on the wooden and other sensitive floors. However, unit doesn't have soft bumper, so be careful when pulling the vacuum around, during cleaning.

Unit is powered via 9.2 Amp motor and 18 feet (~5.5 m) long power cord. Power cord could be perhaps longer, but this is canister vacuum cleaner and total reach is combination of power cord (18 feet), flexible hose (7 feet, ~2.1 m) and telescopic metal wand (~4 feet, ~1.2 m), for maximum reach of almost 30 feet. Of course, when telescopic wand is not used (when cleaning, for example with crevice tool or dusting brush), cleaning reach is reduced. Nonetheless, Bissell 1547 can clean large area using single power outlet and do it quickly, thanks to the 11 inches (~28 cm) cleaning path.

Power cord comes with automatic rewind system.

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Bissell 1547 doesn't come with filter indicator - it is up to the user to periodically check the filter and if required, clean them.

Also, unit doesn't have electronic variable suction control, but it comes with mechanical air flow regulator, which enables the cleaning of delicate surfaces.

Dirt cup capacity is 2 liters, enabling the unit to clean rather large area before needing to empty the dirt cup. Nonetheless, it is recommended to empty the dirt cup after each vacuuming.

Both the cleaning wand and the canister have handles, making it possible to vacuum stairs and similar surfaces with the wand in one hand and canister in another hand.

Long story short - Bissell 1547 is excellent bare floor vacuum cleaner that comes at acceptable price. It is sometimes advertised as multi-surface vacuum, including high-pile and thick carpets and area rugs. While it can clean low-pile carpets, anything thicker than that is too much for this vacuum.

But after all, it is not even designed for such surfaces.

If you don't have large, thick carpeted areas and need a good vacuum cleaner, consider this one.

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