BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass is relatively lightweight upright vacuum cleaner featuring Bissell's OnePass Technology which combines a powerful suction and rotating brush, of a new, innovative design. It is very popular vacuum cleaner which costs under $100 and can be used as excellent main vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments.

Updated: March 13, 2017.

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Bissell 9595a weighs 15.1 pounds (6.84 kg) and although it doesn't feature full swivel steering (only back and forth), vacuum is light and easy to maneuver around furniture and other possible obstacles.

Vacuum's dimensions: 31.5 x 14.63 x 10.75 inches (80 x 37 x 27 cm).

bissell 9595 3Vacuum comes with cleaning hose, extension wand, dusting brush/upholstery tool, crevice tool and 'TurboBrush' tool.

Dirt bin is rather large for such cleaner - 2.2 liters. Although dirt bin is rather large, it is recommended to empty it as often as possible, preferably after each cleaning. Fortunately, it is cleaned rather quickly and easily.

Vacuum has 5 possible height positions for optimum cleaning, depending on the surface type. Bissell's 9595A is good both on the carpets and on the bare floors. Note that rotating brush always rotates - on/off switch present in more expensive models would be nice.

Main rotating brush does it's job very well - it helps cleaning carpets and removes stubborn dirt embedded deeply into the carpet fibers. However, if there is dirt in the form of smaller chunks and pieces on the surface of the carpet, it is easily possible that brush will simply push the dirt so fast that suction wouldn't be strong enough to pull the dirt inside. And 9595a has very strong suction! In that case, clean such dirt by positioning vacuum cleaner in front of the dirt and than pull the vacuum slowly over the dirt.

Power cord is 25 feet (7.6 m) long, without automatic rewind system - power cord is long enough for smaller homes and apartments, but for covering larger area, one needs extension cord. However, this vacuum is not designed for commercial use or anything similar, so 25 feet long power cord should be long enough in most situations.

bissell 9595 filterBISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass 9595A model is not HEPA certified vacuum cleaner, but it has very good, multilevel, air filtration. Dirt and debris are separated using cyclonic action and stored in transparent dirt bin. To improve filtration even further, there is a washable foam air filter, which is positioned in front of the motor, and one more, non-washable filter, which is positioned behind the motor (relative to the air flow).

With bagless vacuums and cyclonic filtration, amount of dirt in the dirt bin doesn't influence the suction power. However, having clean filters is critical for maintaining cleaning performance since filters can become dirty and decrease the air flow. If bagless vacuum cleaner loses the suction power, and there are no obvious reason for that, it is probably due to dirty filters.

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Bissell 9595 vs 1330

bissell cleanview onepass 1330 mBISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass and BISSELL 1330 CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology are two very similar vacuums.

Bissell 1330 is somewhat newer model and is considered as 'refreshed' Bissell 9595 vacuum cleaner, although both units can be found in stores.

According to the Bissell, Bissell 1330 vacuum uses new brushroll based on updated OnePass Technology, to help better pick up various debris on multiple floor types.

Although 1330 model uses 10 Amp motor and 9595 uses 12 Amp motor, it is claimed that 1330 has improved suction power. Unfortunately, Bissell does NOT state actual Air Watts value of either of these two models.

Bissell 1330 is slightly heavier (15.5 vs 15 pounds) and have slightly smaller dirt bin (2 liters vs 2.2 liters).

Bissell 1330 comes with Crevice Tool and TurboBrush Tool, while Bissell 9595A comes with Crevice Tool, TurboBrush Tool, and the Dusting Brush. So, Bissell 9595A has an extra cleaning tool - Dusting Brush.

Both Bissell 1330 and 9595 units are very affordable units (both are under $100) that can be used as main vacuum cleaners in smaller homes and apartments. Bissell 9595 is perhaps slightly older model, but it comes with extra dusting brush.

Price is also very similar - which one is cheaper often depends on which unit can be found on sale. Since 9595 model is older model, it can be expected that its price will be going down soon. Or perhaps it will not :)

Recommendation - BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass is excellent cheap upright bagless vacuum cleaner. If you have smaller home, it can be your main vacuum cleaner, especially if you have mostly carpets - there is no on/off rotating brush switch and no automatic height adjustment. Don't forget that this is under $100 vacuum which comes with great suction, good air filtration and 2 years limited warranty.

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