dirt devil sd20505 1Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum Model SD20505, is inexpensive, lightweight and powerful stick vacuum cleaner optimized for hard floor cleanups. Thanks to the bagless design, cyclonic filtration and washable mechanical filter, this is also a low maintenance unit.

Date: August 19, 2017.

Dirt Devil SD20505 is powered via 20 feet (6.1 m) long power cord - power cord could be longer, but even with this long power cord, one can cover and clean rather large area. If one has to change power outlets, note that the unit is very light - just 6.67 pounds (~3 kg) and can be easily carried around, even up and down the stairs.

Handle is fixed, with standard grip handle. Handle can't be removed, with the rest of the vacuum being used as a handheld unit - this is not 2-in-1 unit or anything similar.

Suction is strong, thanks to the 10 Amp motor - this is a very strong motor for the cleaner in this price range (well below $100!) and it is very well designed and build, since the unit comes with 2 year limited warranty.

Dirt Devil SD20505 doesn't come with power cord automatic rewind system, and it doesn't have performance check indicator. Also, it lacks LED headlights.

Cleaning nozzle is 11 inches (~28 cm) wide. Cleaning nozzle is wide enough to be able to cover rather large area quickly and small enough to be able to maneuver easily around corners, along the baseboards, edges and similar. Narrower nozzle (for example, 8 inches) would be able to clean harder to reach surfaces, but it would require more time to clean the same surface. On the other hand, wider nozzle (for example, 14 inches) would be better in cleaning larger surfaces, but it would have issues in cleaning surfaces with various obstacles and it would also require stronger motor, leading to more expensive and heavier unit. Thus, 11 inches nozzle is the 'best bet' for most situations commonly found at homes and apartments :)

Unit also comes with scatter guard and large nozzle opening for the larger debris.

Dirt cup is transparent, and enables the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt. Dirt cup has bottom release system, enabling the user to empty the dirt directly into the trash can (not few feet above the trash can).

Air filtration is good - it is not true HEPA air filtration, but filtration system does its job. Air filtration is combination of cyclonic dirt-air separation and mechanical air filter. Cyclonic action keeps the dirt away from the air filter and enables the operation until the dirt cup is almost full. Nonetheless, it is recommended to empty the dirt cup after each larger cleaning.

Mechanical filter is pleated (to increase its surface) and it is washable using plain water. Note: don't return the filter into the unit until it is fully dry (air dry it for at least 24 hours).

Note: Unit uses Dirt Devil's F2 filter type - such OEM filter is HEPA grade filter (not just HEPA style filter), but whole unit is not even advertised as being HEPA grade vacuum. Nonetheless, whenever possible, use OEM air filter and enjoy very good air filtration - great in this price range.

dirt devil sd20505 2When it arrives, unit must be assembled, but it can be done quickly, without tools. Just to be sure, before you do anything, read the manual and familiarize yourself with your vacuum.

Dirt Devil SD20505 is optimized for bare floors cleaning - tiles, marble, laminate, hardwood and similar. It can be used even on low-pile carpets, but it doesn't have rotating brush or anything similar that would improve cleaning of the carpets and rugs.

Long Story Short - If you have large bare floor surfaces and need a lightweight and inexpensive vacuum for periodic fast cleanups, Dirt Devil SD2050 is one of possible solutions. It is cheap, low maintenance unit, has very good warranty, great suction and air filtration and in the end, it cleans your floors.

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