shark professional steam pocket mop s3601dShark S3601D Professional Steam Pocket Mop is excellent steam mop suitable for cleaning hard surfaces like tiles, marble, stone and similar. Although it does have 'The Carpet Glider', it is not especially good for carpets and rugs. But, it cleans hard floors thoroughly and with acceptable price, it is one of the most popular steam mops around.

Date: February 2, 2017.

Shark S3601D steam mop requires some assembly when purchased, but assembly is simple and straightforward - one more reason to check the manual first.

Note that some water can be present around water tank - Shark is testing water tanks by actually pouring water in the tanks and then pressurizing them. Good to know that tanks are tested.

Steam mop comes with 1 year warranty - not bad for device of such price range, but some similar mops have longer warranty.

Maximum power consumption is 1550 watts and steam mop has 30 seconds wait time for the heater to produce steam. This is in the range of other steam mops. Note that there is no power off/on switch, and water heaters start to operate as soon as the unit is plugged into the wall socket.

Cord length is 25 feet (~7.6 m) and is enough for covering larger area at home. If you need longer cord, remember that 1550 watts at 110-120 volts require around 13-14 Amps, so choose extension cord according to required current.

Water tank is not removable - one gets filling flask that is used for filling the water tank. Some people are used to removable water tank, some don't like it - it is strictly personal. Fixed water tank can contribute to overall strength and robustness, but it is also harder to repalce, if something goes wrong.

Shark S3601D comes with two cleaning heads: all-purpose rectangular mop head and triangle mop head for cleaning hard to reach areas. Keep in mind that due to the design, cleaning pads are two sided providing double cleaning time before one has to change it. Cleaning pads can be used for about 20 washes and then must be replaced.

If you want your pads to last little bit longer and to improve the cleaning, sweep or vacuum the area first. This goes for all other steam mops, not just for Shark S3601D model.

This steam mop has three steam settings:

- Dust - suitable for delicate surfaces like: laminate, bamboo, hardwood etc. Also, this setting can be used for light cleaning of surfaces like tiles and marble, too. Although steam jet is not strong, it is strong enough to sanitize floors.

- Mop - suitable for sealed hardwood, marble, stone, tiles, linoleum etc. It is most common setting for every day cleaning of surface that tolerate heat and moisture.

- Scrub - suitable for surfaces like stone, tiles, linoleum and similar surfaces that really tolerate heat and moisture. Sealed hardwood can be cleaned occasionally using this setting, just don't use it regularly. Also, any crack in the hardwood sealant can let moisture into the wood and that can lead to buckling, rotting and similar hardwood floor issues. Scrub setting can be used for carpets and rugs using 'The Carpet Glider' accessory, however, cleaning is not at the best - it will refresh the carpets and rugs and somewhat even clean them, but good steam/shampoo vacuum cleaner will clean carpets much better. Also, such vacuum cleaner is several times more expensive than this steam mop!

Although tap water can be used, distilled and/or ionized water is highly recommended. When water tank is filled to the maximum (500 ml) and using 'Scrub' setting, one can expect around 20 minutes of constant operation, even longer when 'Mop' and 'Dust' settings are used.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) is easy to clean around furniture, edges and corners, thanks to the swivel mechanism. Note that unit can't stand upwards on its own.

Long story short - very good all-round steam mop, but recommended for hard floors. Many people use this and similar steam mops on wooden and laminate floors, but only using 'Dust' and perhaps 'Mop' settings. Even so, be sure that such floors have high quality finish, which can withstand such cleaning.

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