shark v2930 v2950 carpet sweepersShark V2930 and V2950 rechargeable floor and carpet sweepers come with battery powered brush rolls, greatly helping with the cleaning of bare floors and low-pile carpets. These carpet sweepers are very similar units, but they differ in few, very important details.

Date: June 17, 2017.

First of all, Shark V2930 and V2950 are carpet sweepers, they are NOT vacuums of any kind. Carpet sweepers clean the surface by the cleaning action of the brush roll, which rotates and pick dirt and debris off the floor.

Manual carpet sweepers use motion of the wheels to power rotating brush, while motorized carpet sweepers use electric motor to power the brush roll, greatly improving the cleaning.

Shark V2930 carpet sweeper uses 4.8V, while V2950 model uses 7.2V NiMH onboard battery to power the brush roll. Since the brush roll motor requires just the fraction of power required by motors found on cordless vacuums, even these relatively small 4.8V and 7.2V batteries can provide enough energy for prolonged operating time of these carpet sweepers.

These carpet sweepers should be charged only when the batteries are almost fully discharged and after charging, they MUST be disconnected from their chargers, especially if they are going to be stored for longer period of time. NiMH batteries don't suffer from memory effect like old NiCd batteries, and can be charged even when they are not fully discharged, but it is highly recommended to discharged them fully and only then to charge them again - this can significantly prolong their operating life.

Both units can be stored vertically, requiring very little storage space.

Carpet sweepers are easy to use units, but just to be sure, when they arrive, be sure to read the manual, especially about charging the units.

shark v2950 carpet sweeper 1Shark V2950 model also has two optional brush roll speeds - these speeds help clean various dirt on various surfaces, avoiding any scattering around.

Both units are lightweight and easy to operate. Thanks to the swivel mechanism and low profile, Shark's carpet sweepers can reach under or clean around the furniture easily, cleaning floor surfaces often faster than full-size vacuums.

Also, handle can be folded, enabling the user to clean under the beds, sofas and other furniture more easily - very important for people having back issues.

One of the differences between these models is the cleaning width: V2930 model has 10" (25.4 cm) cleaning width, while V2950 models has 13" (33 cm) cleaning width. Obviously, V2950 can clean larger area faster, but the narrower V2930 model is easier to maneuver around the furniture, stairs, along the walls and similar.

When the dirt is picked off the floor, it is kept in the units until the dirt is emptied - both units are emptied easily, but the larger and somewhat more expensive V2950 model discards debris with just the push of a button.

To help cleaning debris from along the walls, V2950 model has an edge cleaning squeegee.

Obviously, both carpet sweepers are bagless units.

Long Story Short - both Shark's carpet sweepers are very popular models. They do their job quickly and easily, and they are very low maintenance units.

If you need a good carpet sweeper, consider one of these units, having in mind their differences.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Shark V2930 and Shark V2950 carpet sweepers Amazon links (both links open in the new window).

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