Dyson Genuine Handheld Tool Kit is set of four Dyson's cleaning tools. The tool kit includes Flexible Extension Hose, Wide Nozzle Tool, Stubborn Dirt Brush, and Soft Dusting Brush. According to the manufacturer, set is suitable for all Dyson's handheld vacuum cleaners.

Date: April 10, 2017.

dyson handheld toolkit

Wide nozzle tool is designed for cleaning of larger debris from flat surfaces around the home, car, boat etc. It doesn't have rotating brush or any similar aid that would help remove deep dirt and especially long hair from the carpets. However, it can be used to clean larger surfaces quickly.

Soft dusting brush has soft bristles which gently dust the delicate surfaces and in combination with strong suction, help remove dirt and dust (hence the name). It is suitable for surfaces like shelves, keyboards, blinds, windowsills, lighting etc. It is very useful tool for cleaning most, if not all, hard surfaces.

Extension hose helps cleaning hard to reach areas and spaces. It extends the reach of other cleaning tools and is very useful for cleaning cars, boats, or under or around the furniture, corners, edges, stairs etc.

Stubborn dirt brush comes with stiff bristles, which are helpful for cleaning of dry and stubborn dirt from carpets, upholstery and other similar surfaces. Delicate surfaces should be cleaned carefully, in order to avoid any damage.

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Dyson Genuine Handheld Tool Kit is a recommended cleaning set for owners of Dyson handheld vacuums as it helps with the cleaning with the vacuum they already have.

For those people who don't need whole kit, all these attachments can be purchased individually.

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