Miele SFD 20 560mm Extended Flexible Crevice Tool is great cleaning attachment for reaching and efficiently cleaning under and around furniture, appliances, between car seats, along the edges, in the corners and other hard to reach areas.

Central section of the Miele SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool bends easily and enables the tool to clean efficiently. Also, when required, tool itself can be cleaned easily.

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Miele SFD 20 prolongs the reach by 22 inches (560 mm). It fits directly onto the handles of Miele Canister vacuum cleaners - when mounted, tool sits firmly on the handle and it is rather easy to use. According to some reviews, tool also fits many Miele stick vacuums, but we couldn't verify that on the official Miele website.

miele sfd 20 2Miele SFD 20 can be used on other vacuums too, but one needs an adapter and such use is not supported, at least not by Miele.

Miele SFD 20 tool has three sections:

- tip section is 5/8 inches (~16 mm) wide, so it doesn't fit into really tiny gaps. Effective nozzle area is rather small, so actual suction using Miele canister vacuums is really large - it will suck anything on its path. Fortunately, tip section is removable for easier cleaning. This section is rather stiff, unlike flexible central section. Tip section is approximately 2.5 inches (~6.5 cm) long.

- central section is made of hard rubber and it bends for cleaning gaps and other similar places. To avoid any issues with Miele SFD 20 tool, it is highly recommended to store the tool in straight position.

- end section connects the tool with the vacuum cleaner. It is also made from hard plastic and it is ~5 inches (~13 cm) long. The end section slides over the end of the hose.

Long story short - Miele SFD 20 is high quality and very durable tool that will help the user to really clean hard-to-reach places. Don't forget that tip is 5/8" wide - if tip of that size can fits gaps you have around your home, this tool can be of a really great help. Perhaps it is not the cheapest tool of this kind on the market, but it can last for generations.

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