hoover power scrub fh50150Carpet shampooer or shampoo vacuum cleaner is type of wet and dry vacuum cleaner that uses water and/or special cleaning liquid for removing dried strains and similar dirty spots and areas that can't be effectively cleaned by ordinary vacuum cleaners. Cleaning brush or brushes often use vibrations to help shampoo and cleaning liquid penetrate deeper in to the carpet, separate the dirt from fibers and bring the dirt and dust to the surface, where it is removed by vacuum suction together with dirty cleaning liquid.

Cleaning liquid is mix of water and cleaning liquid concentrate (shampoo) – every manufacturer has custom formula for cleaning liquid often designed for different floor surface. Also, cleaning liquids have different scents for additional level of freshness and cleanliness.

Some of the shampoo vacuum cleaners can operate as ordinary wet and dry vacuum cleaners, which is one of their great advantages - most drum shaped carpet shampooers have this option. However, carpet shampooers in the form of upright vacuum cleaner are usually designed to be used as carpet shampooers and washers and 'nothing' else.

For people with pets at home, good carpet shampooer and washer can make real difference – with good carpet shampoo optimized for removing pets' stains and odors, deep cleaning of carpets is just a switch on the button.

Carpet shampooers spray and remove cleaining liquid while deep cleaning the carpet. Many people don't like the idea of such cleaners, believing that such cleaning leaves their carpets soggy and wet. In fact, for very dirty carpets, one has to spray with prespray (and leave it for few minutes to prestart cleaning - according to the instructions), clean 'problematic' area with cleaning pass with the water spray on and then again with the spray off. After testing the carpet with hand, one can make another water-extract pass with the spray off. Cleaning carpets this way can make them look good as new.

In most cases, single pass of a good carpet shampooer/washer will thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs, leaving them almost dry - far from being wet and soggy.

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