carpet sweeperA carpet sweeper is technically not a vacuum cleaner. Carpet sweepers are mechanical devices for cleaning carpets and similar floors. They are largely superseded by vacuum cleaners, but they are still in use at homes and for commercial applications where their lightweight and quiet operation is appreciated.

They enable users to quickly clean smaller areas without making any noise that could disturb anybody in the room being cleaned.

Manual vs. Cordless Carpet Sweeper

A manual carpet sweeper is usually small box with the base that has rollers and brushes and long, often adjustable, handle. As the carpet sweeper is moved over the floor, rollers force brushes to rotate and force dirt into the dirt container. To improve cleaning many manual carpet sweepers have several different brushes, optimized for different types of dirt and debris, for example, one brush can be optimized for larger debris, while second brush can be optimized for smaller particles and hair.

To improve cleaning along the edges, additional edge brushes can be used.

To improve hygiene, modern carpet sweepers have very simple, but efficient, dirt bins that allow user to empty the unit with no dirt touching – very important if you let the kids do the job.

Cordless carpet sweepers use onboard rechargeable battery to rotate brushes and clean the floor. Although cordless sweepers are somewhat heavier than manual carpet sweepers, they are actually easier to move around and clean, since they use electric motors to rotate the brushes and do the cleaning.

Cordless carpet sweepers are very similar to manual carpet sweepers in design and construction of brushes and dirt bin and many manufacturers often have both versions of the same model.

Cordless carpet sweepers cost little bit more than manual carpet sweepers, but they are all still very cheap cleaning units.

What is the best carpet sweeper? It depends on type and size of floors that has to be cleaned and how often one needs a quick cleaning after something is spilled out.

Some battery operated vacuum cleaners (or even vacuum cleaner using mains power) are very quiet during operation and they replace carpet sweepers even where quiet operation is needed. On the other hand, rechargeable carpet sweeper is battery operated and is very efficient, very quiet and very light – some smaller models (with batteries, sweeper and handle) weight no more than half a kilo (around one pound).

Few most popular manual and cordless carpet sweepers is given in the following table:

bissell carpet sweeper 92N0ABISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper, 92N0A

– Easily picks up crumbs, pet hair, cereal, dirt and more

– Lightweight and compact

– Cleans hard floor surfaces, area rugs and carpet

– Dimensions: 4×11.8×12.8 inches (10x30x32.5 cm)

Amazon link (opens in the new window): BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper

rubbermaid commercial carpet sweeper 421288bRubbermaid Commercial 421288B Executive Series Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper

– Carpet sweeper has an efficient 6.5-inch sweep path

– Smaller size gets into tight spots

– Easy-open debris pan for effortless cleaning

– Constructed of durable galvanized steel and tough ABS plastic

– For bare floors or low pile carpets

Amazon link (opens in the new window): Rubbermaid Commercial 421288B Executive Series Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper

casabella neon carpet sweeperCasabella Neon Carpet Sweeper

– No electricity needed; works on all carpet types

– Bristle comb cleans roller brushes; bumper keeps furniture safe

– Easy to empty dirt chamber; made of metal for durability

– Hang to store or pole comes apart in three easy pieces for compact storage

Amazon link (opens in the new window): Casabella Neon Carpet Sweeper

bissell 28806 perfect sweep turboBissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo

– Up to 60 minutes of cordless cleaning time

– 7.2 volts of power

– Easy-to-remove, top loading dirt container

– Safe on carpet, rugs and hard floors

– Perfect for in-between cleanings

Amazon link (opens in the new window): Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo

shark 10inch rechargeable floor and carpet sweeper v2930Shark 10″ Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2930)

– 10″ motorized brush sweeps any size/type of debris into an easy to empty dust cup

– Folding BACKSAVER handle reaches low even where your vacuum can’t

– Ultra lightweight plus swivel steering for easy maneuverability

– Low profile and long reach

– Long lasting rechargeable battery (NiMH 4.8v)

Amazon link (opens in the new window): Shark 10″ Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2930)

shark 13inches rechargable floor and carpet sweeper v2950Shark 13″ Rechargable Floor & Carpet Sweeper (V2950)

– 13″ motorized brush with 2 speeds – provide for superior cleaning on bare floor and carpet

– Folding BACKSAVER handle and low profile reach under furniture with ease

– Ultra lightweight plus swivel steering for easy maneuverability

– Easy to empty dust cup – discard debris with the push of a button

– Edge cleaning squeegee grabs debris from along walls

– Powered by 7.2V NiMH battery

Amazon link (opens in the new window): Shark 13″ Rechargable Floor & Carpet Sweeper (V2950)

ontel swsmax cordless swivel sweeperOnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel Sweeper

– Does not require expensive, messy bags

– Low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap

– Its flat shape fits under tables, couches, and other hard to clean areas

– The Swivel Sweeper Max’s corner brushes spin at 4000 rpm

– Removable, Cleanable, Reusable bristles; 7.2V rechargeable battery

Amazon link (opens in the new window): OnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel Sweeper

Note: There are many other similar products on the market, most of them differ in very small details. However, note that some manufacturers advertise their manual carpet sweepers as being ‘cordless’. Technically speaking, they are right, since such manual sweepers are indeed ‘cordless’, with no power cord of any kind.

However, when talking about ‘cordless’ carpet sweepers, most people (and manufacturers) have in mind carpet sweepers with brushes powered by small electric motors and onboard batteries.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners often look very similar to cordless carpet sweepers, but they are usually more expensive, but have more features.

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