hoover uh70105 120 205 201mHoover WindTunnel T-Series UH70105, UH70120, UH70205 and UH70210 Models are series of corded, upright, bagless vacuum cleaners that come at very reasonable price (under $150). Although these four models are very similar, they differ in several details, which might be important to know …


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series UH70105, UH70120, UH70205 and UH70210 Models are series of corded, upright, bagless vacuum cleaners that come at very reasonable price (under $150). Although these four models are very similar, they differ in several details, which might be important to know before considering any of these models.

Features and specifications of Hoover WindTunnel T-Series UH70105, UH70120, UH70205 and UH70210 Models are given in the following table:

Photohoover uh70105 1hoover uh70120 1hoover uh70205 1hoover uh70210 1
Model Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Upright UH70105Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright UH70120 Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright UH70205Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Bagless Upright UH70210
Performance Check IndicatorYesYesYesYes
Auto Cord RewindNoYesYesYes
Weight15.7 lbs (7.1 kg)16.5 lbs (7.47 kg)17.8 lbs (8.06 kg)17.8 lbs (8.06 kg)
Cord Length27 feet (7.6 m)25 feet (7.6 m)25 feet (7.6 m)25 feet (7.6 m)
Folding HandleNoNoYesYes
Stretch Hose8 feet (2.4 m)8 feet (2.4 m)8 feet (2.4 m)8 feet (2.4 m)
Air Powered Hand ToolYesYesYesNo
Air Powered Pet Hand ToolNoNoNoYes
 12″ Extension WandYesYesYesYes
Crevice ToolYesYesYesYes
 Upholstery/Dusting BrushYesYesYesNo
 Pet Upholstery BrushNoNoNoYes
Suction Only Mode PedalNoNoYesYes
 Motor Amps12 A12 A12 A12 A
Nozzle Width13.5 inches (34.3 cm)13.5 inches (34.3 cm)13.5 inches (34.3 cm)13.5 inches (34.3 cm)
First FilterStandard, WashableStandard, WashableStandard, WashableStandard, Washable
 Second FilterHEPA, Non-washableHEPA, Non-washableHEPA, Non-washableHEPA, Non-washable
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
 Amazon LinkHoover UH70105Hoover UH70120Hoover UH70210

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As one can see, these four models are very similar. They have 12 Amps motor, performance check indicator, 8 feet stretch hoses, 12″ extension wand, crevice tool, 13.5″ wide suction nozzle, standard (mechanical) washable first filter and second HEPA, non-washable filter and they come with 2 year warranty.

They all use ‘WindTunnel Technology’ cleaning heads which improves suction of various debris on both carpets and hardwoods. Also, they are bagless, using ‘Dual Cyclonic Air System’ for dirt separation.

Dirt bins are easily cleaned. All four models feature ‘No Scuff Bumper’ to protect walls and furniture from any damage caused by vacuum cleaner during vacuuming.

UH70105 is the lightest of them all – it has 15.7 lbs, followed by UH70120 (16.5 lbs) and UH70205/70210 (17.8 lbs).

hoover uh70120 rewind

Automatic Cord Rewind

All models, except UH70105, have automatic cord rewind system, which significantly ease the cleaning and storing away the vacuum.

Call me spoiled, but a 27 feet power cord must have automatic rewind system.

Note: according to sites like Amazon and similar, all four models have 27 feet long power cords, but according to the official Hoover web site, only UH70105 model has 27 feet long power cord, while models UH70120, UH70205 and UH70210 models have 25 feet long power cords. 2 feet is not big difference, until one really needs them …

hoover uh70120 system check indicatorSystem Check Indicator

All four models have System Check Indicator which indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned or checked or if there is some sort of clog in the vacuum that needs to be cleaned or checked.

Indicator is positioned on the left side of the dirt bin handle and can be easily seen almost continuously if you are right-handed person. Left-handed people can have issues in seeing it all the time.

Note: System Check Indicator doesn’t show when dirt bin is full – dirt bin is transparent and one can see amount of the dirt in the bin.

hoover uh70210 height adjustment

5 Position Carpet Height Adjustment

All four models have 5 possible positions of cleaning power heads depending on the floor type and especially on the carpet pile height.

This adjustment must be done manually, with hand. Personally, I would like to have only 2-3 possible positions, but with adjustments being possible using foot.

Automatic height adjustment is something too much for this price class (remember, these vacuums are under $150).

hoover uh70120 air powered hand toolAir-Powered Hand Tool

Air-Powered Hand Tool can be connected to 8 ft (2.4m) long hose and can reach areas that are unreachable for 13.5″ wide cleaning nozzle.

Also, it does excellent job on the upholstery and stairs. It can be used for cleaning cars, too, since it picks debris with good suction combined with rotating brush.

It even picks hair very well. However, if you do have pets or have issues with hair in general, Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool picks hair much better.

hoover uh70210 air powered pet hand tool

Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool

Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool uses rubber blades to collect hair and other debris. Strong suction reduces the need to clean blades frequently, but it must be done from time to time.

Only UH70210 model comes with Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool, while other models come with Air Powered Hand Tool.

Also, only UH70210 model comes with Pet Upholstery Brush, while other models come with Upholstery/Dusting Brush. So, if you really have issues with hair, you obvious choice should be UH70210 model.

hoover uh70210 suction only mode pedalSuction Only Mode Pedal

Suction Only Mode Pedal is present only on the UH70205 and UH7210 models.

Press it with foot to easily transit from carpets to hard floors.

If you have debris on the hard floors that require brush to rotate, adjust only the height of the vacuum above the floor and let the brush do its job.

hoover uh70210 folding handleFolding Handle

Models UH70205 and UH 70210 feature folding handle which makes them ideal for small storage spaces.

When stored, all four vacuums can be stored vertically. Also, to avoid developing of unpleasant smells and anything similar, empty the dirt bin after each cleaning, especially if you are not going to use your vacuum for longer period of time (before holidays, for example).

hoover uh70210 stretch hose8 Feet Stretch Hose

All four models are equipped with 8 feet (2.4 m) stretch hose. Hose is stored onboard, winded around the body of the vacuum cleaner and can be used within seconds.

Such hose extended reach of the cleaner and enables one to reach areas which are hard to clean with full size upright vacuum, like upholstery, stairs, under, behind and around furniture, inside cars and similar.

hoover uh70210 hepa filterAir Filtration

All four models use Dual Cyclonic Air System with cyclonic action to separate air from the dirt, washable first mechanical filter and high quality non-washable HEPA filter.

When required, clean first filter using ordinary water, but remember that HEPA filter in these vacuums is NOT WASHABLE. If you think that you have issues with HEPA filter, remove it from the vacuum, physically clean it (hold it above trash can and tap it few times gently), carefully return into the vacuum – if vacuum is not performing as it should or System Check Indicator is constantly signalizing filter issues, change the HEPA filter.

Models UH70205 and UH70210 feature headlights, which can be very helpful in spotting the dirt in front of the vacuums, especially on hard, flat surfaces or spotting the unwanted objects in front of the vacuums in low-light conditions (under furniture, in corners and similar).

All models are easily maneuverable around the objects due to soft wheels, not too wide nozzle, acceptable weight and 2D steering. They are not as maneuverable as models with 3D steering, but those models usually cost more or lack some features that are available in these models.

Hoover UH70120 vs. UH70210

Considering all this, UH70105 is good vacuum cleaner, but it lacks automatic rewind mechanism. After cleaning the house, who really wants to waste time on rewinding the power cord manually? All 27 feet of the cord? Not me 🙂

Folding handle is nice thing, but personally not enough to justify 1.3 lbs (~0.6 kg) increase in weight between UH70120 and UH70205/70210 models. On the other hand, UH70205/70210 models have Suction Only Mode Pedal which is very useful on sensitive floors, preventing their damage. However, brushroll is gentle enough for most of the floors found in common households, so unless you really need it, Suction Only Mode Pedal is not something a vacuum cleaner absolutely must have.

Since UH70210 features cleaning tools optimized for pet hair and other hard to pick debris, it is recommended model over UH70205 model.

In the end, one must ask a question – UH70120 or UH70210? Which is better?

UH70120 and UH70210 differences: UH70210 have folding handle, Suction Only Mode Pedal, headlights and cleaning tools more optimized for pet hair. And it usually costs some $15-$20 more than UH70120 model.

UH70210 often can be found on a sale, for the same (or almost the same) price as UH70120 model. Therefore, my vote goes to ‘Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum UH70210‘.

For more reviews and recommendations on these two vacuums, feel free to check Amazon links:

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright UH70120

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum UH70210

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