Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuums are very affordable corded canister vacuums. There are two very similar bagged models - model 4122 and the newer Bissell Zing 1668 canister vacuum. They are compact and lightweight vacuums, suitable as the entry-level main vacuum cleaners in smaller homes and apartments.

Date: August 8, 2017.

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At the moment, both vacuums are listed on the official Bissell site.

Although these vacuums are very affordable units, they feature automatic cord rewind system and variable suction power - these features are often found only at more expensive units.

Features and specifications are given in the following chart:

Model Bissell Zing 4122 Bissell Zing 1668
Photo bissell zing 4122 bissell zing 1668
 Recommended Surface Types Carpet, Upholstery, Bare Floors, Stairs, Low Pile Carpet  Carpet, Upholstery, Bare Floors, Stairs, Low Pile Carpet
 Power 10 Amps 9.5 Amps
Cleaning Path 10.3 inches (~26.2 cm) 10.3 inches (~26.2 cm) 
Weight 8 pounds (~3.6 kg)  8 pounds (~3.6 kg) 
Air Filtration Multi-Level Multi-Level 
Power Cord 17 feet (~5.2 m) 17 feet (~5.2 m) 
Flexible Hose  5 feet (~1.52 m) 6 feet (~1.83 m)
Air Flow Indicator No No
Clean Filter Indicator No No
Soft Bumper No No
Edge Cleaning No No
Carry Handle Yes Yes
Full Bag Sensor Yes Yes
Swivel Cleaning Head Yes Yes
Bag Capacity 2 liters 2.5 liters
Extension Wand Yes  Yes
Additonal Cleaning Tools Combination Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool  Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush
Amazon Link Bissell Zing 4122 Bissell Zing 1668

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check the most up-to-date price of these models.

As one can see, the main difference between these models is that a new 1668 model has a larger dust bag (2.5 vs 2 liters) and has a more efficient motor that consumes less power (9.5 vs 10 Amps).

Bissell Zing bagged vacuums are not noisy vacuums, but since they have rather good suction, they are far from being low-noise vacuums.

Both models lack Air Flow and Clean Filter indicators, there is no Soft Bumper, or Edge Cleaning brush or ... But, they have Full Bag Sensor, power cord rewind system and few more features usually reserved for more expensive vacuums.

Newer 1668 model also has longer flexible hose - 6 ft vs 5 ft. This 1 ft difference at first doesn't look much, but can be important when cleaning stairs, elevated surfaces, under and around furniture etc.

Both units have the same cleaning nozzle width - 10.3 inches (~26.2 cm). This enables them to clean relatively large area quickly.

To aid with the cleaning, the main cleaning nozzle has brush which is engaged using mechanical switch on the cleaning nozzle itself - this helps cleaning various surfaces using single cleaning nozzle.

Power cord is 17 feet long and could be longer - don't forget that these are canister vacuums and maximum reach is longer thanks to the flexible hose and extension wand.

Due to the low weight and carrying handle, units are easily carried around, even up and down the stairs.

bissell zing 1668 bundleBoth models use disposable vacuum bags, which provide certain level of air filtration. To aid air filtration, additional mechanical filters are used - one pre-motor and one post-motor filter.

Air filters are washable - clean them with mild detergent and plenty of water, and squeeze out all excess water. Allow air filters to air-dry for 24 hrs before reassembling back into the vacuum cleaner.

Since vacuum bags are disposable, it is recommended to get the on-time, preferably as the 'bundle' of vacuum bags and filters.

These vacuums are designed for dry dirt only and although they have Full Bag Sensor, it is recommended to check the bag before or after each use.

Both 4122 and 1688 models come with 1-year limited warranty, which is more than acceptable for units in this price range.

Long story short - there are many little details which could be improved on both of these units, however, this would lead to larger weight and higher price. If you need simple to use and rather cheap canister vacuum, that actually does its job, consider one of these models. Just don't expect them to clean as large, much stronger and sturdier canister vacuums, which cost several times more :)

For more reviews and recommendations, check BISSELL Zing 4122 Bagged Canister Vacuum and Bissell Zing 1688 Bagged Canister Vacuum Amazon links (links open in the new windows).


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