Rubbermaid FG421288BLA Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper is low-profile and lightweight bare floor and low-pile carpet manual sweeper. It is very affordable and durable unit with minimum maintenance, suitable for cleanings in emergencies and between cleaning with the main vacuum cleaner.

Date: July 24, 2017.

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 Rubbermaid FG4212 carpet sweeper cleaning foot is 9.5 inches (~24 cm) long and 8 inches (~20 cm) wide, with unit height of 44 inches (~112 cm). Such small size and low profile helps the sweeper to get into and clean tight areas and hard to reach places.

FG4212 carpet sweeper has a 6.5 inches (~16.5 cm) cleaning width - modest cleaning path when compared with similarly priced, but larger carpet sweepers are harder to maneuver around furniture and other potential obstacles, when compared with FG4212 model.

Dirt bin is easy to open and empty. It is recommended to empty the sweeper after each use, just in case.

Rubbermaid FG421288BLA is constructed using galvanized steel and tough ABS plastic - design is strong and durable, with minimum maintenance.

Rubber handle provide strong grip, even if the hands are moist - unit is very light with soft rubber wheels and it glides over hard floors easily. Over low-pile carpets it requires little bit more force, while on high-pile carpets, it get 'stuck' in the carpets, especially if the carpets/rugs are thick and soft - just like any other carpet sweeper.

To avoid damage to the furniture and walls, FG4212 carpet sweeper features front and rear bumpers.

For short - if you need mechanical carpet sweeper, with low profile and with smaller cleaning foot and 6.5 inches cleaning path is enough for you, Rubbermaid FG421288 carpet sweeper might be the unit for you. It creates no suction like vacuum cleaners, but it is low maintenance floor sweeper and very quiet during operation.

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