shark flex hv391 mshark flex hv391 m2SharkFLEX DuoClean Corded Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum is convertible, lightweight, bagless upright/handheld vacuum cleaner, with novel wand design and DuoClean cleaner head. Models HV390, HV391 and HV392 are basically the same vacuum cleaner, differing only in available attachments. These units can be used as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller (and not just smaller) homes and apartments.

Date: October 20. 2017.


shark flex hv391 1SharkFLEX DuoClean Corded Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum is convertible, lightweight, bagless upright/handheld vacuum cleaner, with novel wand design and DuoClean cleaner head. Models HV390, HV391 and HV392 are basically the same vacuum cleaner, differing only in available attachments. These units can be used as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller (and not just smaller) homes and apartments.

Date: October 20. 2017.

SharkFLEX DuoClean Corded Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Features and Specifications

SharkFLEX DuoClean vacuums feature Shark’s DuoClean Technology (hence the name, of course), which is a combination of a bristle brush and a soft roller. Such combination clean various types of dirt and debris like fine dust, hair, small and large particles on both carpeted surfaces and bare floors.

MultiFLEX Technology (again, part of the name) enables the unit to fold the cleaning wand for flexible reach to clean under the furniture, appliances, beds, couches, tables and other similar, often rather hard-to-reach areas. Also, MultiFLEX Technology helps with compact, free-standing storage – when folded, HV390/HV391/HV392 vacuums require very little space.

In order to help people with pets and with health issues, SharkFLEX DuoClean comes with so-called Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Such technology help the unit to capture and filter 99.9% of dust, dirt, pollen and other potential allergens, 1 micron or larger in size. While DuoClean main cleaning head helps with cleaning the floors, all three models come with cleaning accessories which help remove various dirt from furniture, upholstery, and other surfaces commonly found at home.

Obviously, SharkFLEX are not true HEPA vacuums (although this depends on the standards, too), but air filtration is very good.

SharkFLEX vacuums come with several mechanical filters. Filters are washable and can be reused.

Pre-motor foam and felt filters should be washed every month under normal usage. They should be removed from the unit, rinsed and then air dried completely for at least 24 hours.

Post-motor filter should be washed every 8-9 months under the normal usage. Again, it should be rinsed and then air dried completely for at least 24 hours.

Note: before putting the filters back into the unit, be sure that they are completely dry. Also, don’t use unit without the filters in place.

Active-Glide Technology and lightweight, ergonomic design, provide a smooth ride over various floor surfaces and easy maneuverability, regardless if the unit is in upright mode or handheld mode.

SharkFLEX vacuum is powered with 600 watts (5 Amps) motor, providing strong suction. Motor comes with overheat protection – if the unit is clogged, air flow is decreased and the unit can simply turn the motor off. If this happens, turn the unit off, unplug it and check for potential clogs in the system. Let the unit cool off for at least 45-60 minutes before turning it on again.

Power cord is 30 feet (~9.15 m) long and help the user clean large area without the need to change power outlet. Note that cleaning wand extends the reach of the unit even further, helping to clean surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Obviously, due to the dimensions and design, there is no automatic power cord rewind mechanism.

Shark’s so-called ‘Noise Reduction Technology’ reduces the noise during vacuuming. Although the unit is reported by many users as ‘not loud’, ‘quiet’ and similar, actual dB levels are not specified by manufacturer.

Transparent dust cup let the user monitor type and amount of picked up dirt. Dust cup is easy to empty – it is recommended to empty the dirt cup after each use. Dust cup capacity is 0.4 dry quarts (~0.44 l) to the ‘max fill line’.

shark flex hv391 cleaning headSharkFLEX DuoClean also features a transparent brushroll garage providing the user with the quick and easy access from the top of the vacuum. Both stiff bristle brush and soft roller are of excellent design and help pick-up even pet and human hair, regardless of the length, however, they are not ‘tangle-free’ design. Their visual inspection is very important for maintaining the cleaners and when hair get entangled, bristle brush and soft roller must be cleaned – which can be done rather quickly, just follow the instructions in the manual.

Note: SharkFLEX DuoClean are easy and simple to use vacuums, however, before the first use (and before assembling), read the manual/instructions.

Main cleaning head also features bright LED headlights – great aid for cleaning in low-light conditions, like under the beds and furniture.

Note: if the LED headlights are flashing, brushroll garage is not closed properly.

SharkFLEX vacuums easily convert to a handheld vacuums to clean areas like stairs, edges, furniture, and similar surfaces.

Unit’s slim design allows the user to reach various elevated surfaces like bookshelves, ceilings, windows etc. and to clean tight and narrow spaces and areas.

Unit dimensions are (H x W x D) 49 x 10.125 x 9.375 inches (~124.5 x 25.7 x 23.8 cm). Unit weighs 9.8 pounds (~4.45 kg) with the power cord, but without cleaning attachments. In handheld mode, unit is even lighter, but the total weight depends on the used cleaning attachment.

 SharkFLEX DuoClean Models – HV390, HV391, HV392

As said before, the only difference between these models are available attachments. Main features and available attachments are listed in the following table:

Model SharkFLEX DuoClean HV390 SharkFLEX DuoClean HV391 SharkFLEX DuoClean HV392
 Dimensions 49 x 10.125 x 9.375 inches (~124.5 x 25.7 x 23.8 cm)
 Weight    9.8 pounds (~4.45 kg)
Dirt Cup Capacity   0.4 dry quarts (~0.45 liters)
Motor 600 W (5 Amps)
12″ Crevice Tool Yes No No
Duster Crevice Tool No Yes Yes
Pet Multi-Tool Yes  Yes Yes
 MultiFLEX Under-Appliance Wand No Yes  No
Motorized Pet Tool No No Yes
 Accessroy Bag Yes Yes Yes
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shark flex 12 inch crevice tool12″ Crevice Tool is 12 inches (~30.5 cm) long and enables the user to clean tight and narrow spaces and gaps.

It comes only with SharkFLEX HV390 model, but like all other attachments, it can be ordered later, if required.

shark flex duster crevice toolDuster Crevice Tool is available with HV391 and HV392 models, where it replaces 12″ Crevice Tool.

Duster Crevice Tool is combination of dusting brush and crevice tool. Soft bristles of dust brush are great for dusting and cleaning delicate surfaces.

Note that the bristle head is removable for longer reach and for using this tool as the Crevice Tool only.

shark flex pet multi toolPet Multi-Tool is designed to dust various surfaces, to pick up large piles of debris and to remove pet and human hair from delicate surfaces like curtains, upholstery and similar.

Pet Multi-Tool comes with all three SharkFLEX DuoClean vacuums.

shark multiflex under appliance wandMultiFLEX Under-Appliance Wand is an adjustable cleaning attachments designed specifically for cleaning under and behind hard to move appliances and furniture.

This is very useful tool, just don’t be surprised with the amount of dirt it cleans when being used for the first time on surfaces out of sight 🙂

MultiFLEX Under-Appliance Wand comes only with HV391 model.

shark motorized pet toolMotorized Pet Tool is powered by a motor which significantly help remove human and pet hair and various deeply embedded dirt from carpeted surfaces, upholstery, stairs, tabletops, bookshelves, cars etc.

Motorized Pet Tool comes only with HV392 model.

Note that Motorized Pet Tool should not be used for cleaning delicate surfaces – for such surfaces use Pet Multi-Tool.

Accessory Bag is used for storing accessories. All SharkFLEX DuoClean models come with such bag.

If required, there is a wide range of cleaning attachments suitable for SharkFLEX DuoClean vacuums. Some of them are:

18” Flexi Crevice Tool: 18 inches (~46 cm) long crevice tool with rubber extension design to flex for improved access to tight, narrow spaces.

Wide Pet/Upholstery Tool: extra wide cleaning attachment for cleaning pet hair, dust and similar debris from delicate surfaces like curtains, mattresses, sensitive carpets etc.

Home & Car Detail Kit: a set of several micro cleaning tools designed to clean cars, keyboards, delicate objects, etc.

Flexible Hose: a flexible, extension hose which help to clean hard-to-reach surfaces in and around objects and furniture, to clean car interiors and other similar surfaces.

SharkFLEX DuoClean HV390/HV391/HV392 vs. Shark DuoClean Rocket HV380/HV381/HV382

shark rocket hv380 hv381 hv382 mSharkFLEX DuoClean HV390/HV391/HV392 convertible vacuums follow design philosophy of Shark DuoClean Rocket HV380/HV381/HV382 vacuums, but SharkFLEX vacuums come with several improvements.

Main similarities and differences between SharkFLEX DuoClean and Shark DuoClean Rocket vacuums are:

– they are all powered using 600 W (5 Amp) motors via 30 feet (~9.15 m) power cords,

– they are all ultra-light convertible upright/handheld vacuums with DuoClean main cleaning head,

– Shark DuoClean Rocket come with larger dust cup (0.91 vs 0.4 dry quarts) than SharkFLEX DuoClean vacuums. Since dust cup can be easily emptied, it is not a big issue, just can be a little bit annoying when cleaning very dirty floors and larger messes with SharkFLEX vacuums.

Available cleaning attachments depend on the model. Also, if required, cleaning attachments for both SharkFLEX DuoClean and Shark DuoClean Rockets can be ordered separately.

Main difference (main improvement) between these vacuums is MultiFLEX Technology, which enables SharkFLEX vacuums to reach and clean areas that Shark DuoClean Rockets have issues to reach and clean – this is very important for homes with many potential obstacles and objects like tables, chairs, appliances, beds, sofas, stairs, corners etc.

Long Story Short – SharkFLEX DuoClean HV390/HV391/HV392 convertible vacuums evolved from Shark Rocket DuoClean HV380/HV381/HV382. They have good suction, very innovative flexible cleaning wand and other improvements, good air filtration, long power cord and come with very useful attachments.

SharkFLEX DuoClean vacuums also cost slightly more than Shark Rocket DuoClean vacuums.

For more reviews and recommendations, check SharkFlex DuoClean Corded Ultra-Light Upright Amazon link (link opens in the new window).


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