Vacuums suck.

Literally and figuratively.

But if you can find the best vacuum for your home, cleaning is going to be a breeze for once.

When it comes down to it..if you don’t have the right vacuum, it can be hard to clean your home.

And if your machine isn’t picking up all the dirt, what was the point of vacuuming in the first place?

Picking the best vacuum seems like it should be such a simple thing. If you have a home, you need a vacuum. It’s as easy as that, right?

Well, when you go to the store to pick one, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. In stores, some aisles seem to go on for miles, packed with a variety of vacuums. All of them claiming that they are the "best vacuum."

There are various styles with numerous, different features (1).

But what makes one better than another?

How do you choose?

What you need to do is find the best vacuum that will work for your home.

That could be one capable of tackling dirty hardwood floors, or one that can pull the dirt from thick, plush carpeting around your home. If you have pets, that’s another consideration.

So while there are so many different vacuums available, there is a right and a wrong model for your home.

You just need to figure out how to determine the difference.

First: Consider Your Home

You might think that picking the best vacuum comes down to the size of your home. But there is much more that should go into the decision.

Size does matter, to a point. The more floor space you have, the more ground you’ll need to cover. The smaller your home is, the less storage space you’ll have. To pick the best vacuum, you need to ask yourself a few key questions.

Questions you should ask to find the best vacuum for your home

  • Do you have a large house?

  • Will you have to lug the vacuum up and down stairs?

  • Do you have back problems or physical limitations that require you to use a lightweight machine?

  • Do you have an abundance of furniture?

  • Are there lots of rooms to navigate through?

  • Are you cleaning a small apartment without much storage space?

  • Do you have pets that shed so much hair they seem like they should be bald?

  • Do you have allergies?

  • Would you prefer a multi-functional vacuum for floors, as well as furniture?

Any one of these questions can radically alter which kind of vacuum you need. If more than one applies to you, you're starting to get an idea of much thought you need to put into this decision.

Different Types of Vacuums and What They’re Good For

Consider the features you need and seriously consider the questions we listed for you. After you do that, you will have a better idea of what you need in a vacuum.

Upright: A classic

The upright vacuum is probably the one your mom had when you were growing up. However, these days, they are a little more convenient than they used to be.

Many modern vacuums are bagless, and upright vacuums are no different.

Many people think that upright vacuums rank as the best vacuum overall because they can be the ideal choice for many different homes. Plus, they are familiar and easy to find with powerful suction.

In other words: they’re the most common.

Not only are they usually bagless, but they are also great for all surfaces, including hardwood and carpeting. Most even let you adjust between height of the carpet.

On the downside, they don’t usually have many additional features and tend to be heavy.

Nevertheless, they are great for large homes because they can cover a lot of ground. If you can get over how obnoxious they can be to drag up and down the stairs.

Handheld: Small and mighty

If you’re already happy with your current vacuum, a handheld vacuum could be a nice complement to your cleaning arsenal.

They are small and usually cordless, making them an excellent option if you want to clean stairs, dusty furniture, little messes, or even a mess outside.

Moreover, if you have little children who spread crumbs around your car for fun, a handheld vacuum is extremely handy.

That goes double for between the sofa cushions!

They are lightweight and powerful for the kind of mess they’re built for.

So, even if you can’t clean your entire home with a handheld it beats pulling out the larger one and having to go through the hassle of setting it up for a tiny mess.

Canister: The ultimate multi-tool

A canister vacuum is less common but can be far more convenient than the upright vacuum many people prefer.

This vacuum consists of a c-storage tank for the dirt and a long hose. The design makes it ideal for stairs and under furniture.

Many people list this as the best vacuum because it gives them various attachments for different cleaning situations. That includes hardwood, carpets, furniture, drapes, and even walls. It's an extremely versatile machine that will help you get any cleaning job done in a jiffy.

Canister could be the vacuum of your dreams if you’re interested in a more versatile cleaning tool, particularly when it comes to the variety of attachments and hose length.

If weight and size are an issue, then you might want to think twice about picking one of these up for yourself.

Stick: Perfect for your cramped spaces

If you live in a small apartment, you will probably have to vacuum more than you think. You aren’t going to have a lot of floor space, so dirt can pile up quickly. The best vacuum for a small home should be sleek and skinny. It should also be highly maneuverable when you’re cleaning and easy to store when you’re not.

A stick vacuum is up to the task and perfect for apartments or small houses. Moreover, they are commonly cordless, which makes them extremely convenient.

Their size makes them easily storable in homes or apartments that are already tight on space.

Unfortunately, cordless vacuums aren’t very powerful in comparison to the corded variety.

You aren’t going to need much power for cleaning small spaces, so it isn’t much of a sacrifice.

Overall, stick vacuums are slim, with a rotating brush and a swivel head for excellent maneuverability.

They’re the best vacuum if you are looking for a lightweight option for anyone who can’t do any heavy lifting, or if you don’t have much room to store a larger upright.

Robot vacuum: The vacuum that thinks for itself

Are you busy? Don’t have as much time to clean as you’d like?

That can be a frustrating problem when you work hard and want to keep your house clean.

A robot vacuum can do the work for you. You will still need to do a deep clean on occasion, especially if you have pets and plush carpets. However, a robotic vacuum can help control dust, dirt, and crumbs in between deeper cleanings.

Most people know these robotic vacuums as Roombas, but that’s just a brand name.

There are plenty of brands that have excellent robotic vacuums. Some can be controlled remotely, set for specific cleaning times, and can even dock themselves to charge.

This is the best vacuum for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time because it can clean for you when you are at work or sleeping. That might be a good idea if you have kids and dogs, both of which might want to play with the funny little vacuum that’s whirring its way through your house.

The biggest downside is their cost, with robotic vacuums one of the more expensive types of vacuum on the market. Not to mention their inability to replace a more versatile vacuum like a canister or upright, which kind of makes the robo-vac just a more costly handheld vacuum.

Wet/dry vacuum: Tackling the hard jobs has never been so easy

Cleaning your home is one thing, but cleaning your basement or garage is entirely different. For those situations, you’re going to need a tougher vacuum. Luckily, a wet/dry vacuum is designed for the job.

Most people have heard of a Shop Vac--and like the Roomba, it’s one of those brand names that gets picked up to describe a much larger category of vacuum cleaners.

There are plenty of brands who manufacture their own wet/dry vacuums, so regardless of brand you should be able to find one that fits your needs and budget easily enough.

The best thing about this type of vacuum is the fact that it is downright invincible. It can suck water out of a flooded basement, along with piles of dirt.

It’s perfect for big jobs and renovation projects. They have a large capacity and incredibly powerful suction. Keep in mind that they aren’t any good for regular vacuuming because they are so bulky and hard to maneuver.

And unless your basement regularly floods or your cleaning up really tough spills and messes, your house might survive without a wet/dry vac taking up space.

Keep Your Floors Spotless with the Best Vacuum for Your Home

Keeping your home clean isn’t always an easy task.

We lead such busy lives with families and jobs and various other chores. Therefore, finding the right vacuum for your home can at least make your life easier in a small way.

With the right vacuum, you can clean more efficiently and more quickly, saving you time better spent on simply enjoying your home.

A Guide to Vacuums

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